All Around The World Cup

Noel Gallagher is not one to mince his words and that’s one of the reasons why we love him. This time the founding father of Britpop has confessed that the reason Italy won the 2006 World Cup was all down to him - how modest.

Noel G revealed on BBC’s Football Focus that Italian striker Alessandro De Piero was a big Oasis fan and invited Noel along to their semi-final match, which they won. A superstitious Del Piero then insisted that Noel come to the final: ‘he then gets it in his head that I'm his lucky mascot, so he said: 'You'll have to come to the final'. He made me wear the same clothes’ said Noel.

Of course Italy won, and who scored the winning goal? Alessandro De Piero. No word on whether he’ll be England’s lucky mascot in South Africa.

Watch everyone's favourite Gallagher here.

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