All Day I Dream About Singer

Since the demise of Oasis, band chieftan Noel Gallagher has kept a very low profile. He’s expected to release his eagerly anticipated debut solo album before the end of the year (more likely 2011 we think) and he’s about to play a couple of Teenage Cancer Trust gig at the Albert Hall. But apart from that we’ve heard pretty much nada from him - that is until now.

To help pay for his kids' schooling and get some free trainers for himself in the process, Noely G has made a random cameo in the brand new Adidas TV advert – The Street Where Originality Lives. Starring alongside other famed randoms such as Snoop Doog, David Beckham and Ian Brown the father of Britpop can be seen being his usual cool self-assured self while doing a spot of busking.

Check out the just gone live TV advert below.

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