'All Doggs got to heaven'

Hip-hop fans across the globe were mourning the passing of a true legend yesterday, when Nate Dogg passed away at the terrifyingly young age of 41 years old.

The singer, who was a key figure in the rise of West Coast Gangsta Rap, had struggled with his health over the last few years after a series of strokes which left him paralysed down his left side, but the exact cause of his death is still unknown. A whole host of rap stars paid their respects, but fellow Dogg Snoop said it best.

‘We lost a true legend in hip-hop,’ he said on Twitter. ‘I will see you again in heaven cuz because you know the slogan... all doggs go to heaven... RIP Nate Dogg.’ Meanwhile listen to G-Funk classic Regulate, and nod your head in respect.

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