All eyes on Ri Ri

Rihanna has the perfect ripost to censors of her latest single S&M. The saucy singer plans to put in her raunchiest performance ever (like…ever) at this year’s Brit awards.

The star will take to the stage at Tuesday night's ceremony at London's O2 Arena and, according to Metro, the 22-year-old will put the ‘blue’ back in rhythm and blues (R&B) with her performance.

A source told the paper: ‘Rihanna's Brits performance is going to be her raunchiest show yet, and will be filled with lots of nudity.’

You really have to hand it to Ri Ri – her decision to use sex to keep people interested in her records makes her truly one of the greats. But will the decision to up the raunch swing it for her in the International Female Solo Artist category?

Very possibly, though if there is any justice in this godforsaken world, the Swede Robyn would get the gong.

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