All hail Dizzee

Dizzee Rascal is one of Britain’s national treasures, a titan of domestic pop who has dipped his hand in just about every form of music there is. He, and (to a lesser extent) Wiley are almost entirely personally responsible for London’s hip-hop and grime MCs making a stamp on the charts, and showing that there is more to domestic pop music than guitar bands repeating things that were perfected 30 years ago. Salute and cherish his presence, and the fact that the man is now making cheery adult music, rather than the screw face grime he brought with Boy In Da Corner some eight years ago. Now he’s very likely to win something at this year’s BRITS, so let’s celebrate that.

‘I used to be really angry about life and my music was angry,’ he said to The Sun. ‘But last year I started making happy music and suddenly everything took off. The last year has been great. We've had 1.4million downloads since we started our own label last March. So, if I don't win it won't be the worst thing in the world.Anyone who grew up with me knows I've always been a joker. But my first album didn't really reflect that, just a lot of anger.

‘Recently it's felt right to change. I'd been doing a lot travelling and I've been partying a bit more. I'm just trying to lift the mood. They say rappers are responsible for violence. I just want to be responsible for giving everyone a good time.’

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