Allen's Glasto guest plans

Lily Allen’s on-off retirement from music has been dragging on for a irritating length of time now. Either Britain’s premier pop lady had had enough of giving us nice music to listen to or she’s teasing us with all this retirement nonsense. Apparently she’s going to appear at this year’s Glastonbury with up-and-coming rap hopeful Professor Green, but don’t quote him on that.

‘I’m hoping Lily will come out and join me at Glasto but you didn’t hear that from me,' said Green to the Daily Star. 'It really depends what state she’s in, as I’m performing on the Sunday. Lily’s going to come out in my set and I’ll come out during her set at Wireless Festival.

‘She’s one of our best talents and it’s a shame she’s going to stop making music for a while. I’ll reckon she’ll be back, though, as I don’t think she can stick to anything for too long.’

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