Amazonian Queen

With a 21 gun salute, singer Adele has been crowned Queen of the Amazon (.co.uk), with her album 21 named the most downloaded LP of all time on Amazon.co.uk.

The record has enjoyed huge success, and will most likely retain its vice like grip on the UK album chart’s number one spot for an 11th consecutive week. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was there for 21 weeks, eh?

She nabbed the title of Take That, whose 2008 album The Circus was previously Amazon’s most downloaded.

Roger Greensmith, a hot shot at Amazon.co.uk, told the Sunday Mirror: ‘Adele's success, particularly following her Brit Awards performance in February, has been phenomenal.

‘2011 is already shaping up to be Adele's year with 21 achieving so much and her previous album 19 is also flying high in the Amazon MP3 download charts as our second most-downloaded album of the year.’

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