Amy goes walkabout at Q awards

Amy Winehouse is back in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons after she went walkabout when scheduled to present ska legends The Specials with an Q Inspiration Award.

Host Al Murray announced the award but the 'Back to Black' singer had vacated the function room in the Grosvenor Hotel leaving the embarrassed comedian to fill in as the event's organisers frantically attempted to locate La Winehouse.

Punk and reggae veteran Don Letts stepped in to handover the award to Terry Hall & Co. The ska legends used their acceptance speech to launch an attack on BNP leader Nick Griffin branding him a 'fat holocaust denying c***'.

Just as The Specials were about to leave the stage Wino decided to grace the event with her presence grabbing the mike and shouting: 'Ladies and gents. I know you've been to a million and one of these but put your hands together for the most inspirational band of all time.'

However, Amy's contribution went down like a cup of cold sick and she disappeared into the night as quickly as she had arrived.

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