Amy walks off stage during comeback gig

Amy Winehouse had a comeback gig to forget when torrential rain halted her performance at the St Lucia Jazz Festival. A number of tabloids, however, have reported that the Back to Black singer cut her set short after being heckled by fans for a less than polished performance.

The Daily Mail claims that La Winehouse forgot the lyrics to a number of her songs before losing her balance and falling over. When the crowd grew impatient and started booing Winehouse the troubled singer is alleged to have said "f**k you" before walking off the stage.

An official statement from the singer, however, claims that she cancelled the gig because of adverse weather conditions: "Amy would like to express her disappointment that weather forced the abandonment of her show at the St Lucia Jazz Festival last night."

The statement continues: "Amy and the band tried to soldier on but the set had to be cut short. Amy is very disappointed as St Lucia has been wonderful to her and its people have welcomed her with open arms, but circumstances beyond anyone's control meant that this special show did not go as planned."

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