Amy Winehouse blood painting sold at auction

Amy Winehouse’s blood, mingled with that of Pete Doherty, sold for £35,000 at auction. The ghoulish purchase was actually an artwork painted by Doherty, featuring the blood of the two singers who were susceptible to the occasional bout of self-dramatisation.

The painting was called Ladylike and sold alongside a number of other works by the former Libertine. It seems the thirst for blood was not quite as strong as suspected. The initial estimated value of Ladylike had been between £50,000 and £80,000.

The sale followed an exhibition of Doherty’s paintings at the Cob Gallery in Camden, London. A spokeswoman for the gallery explained the auction to NME: "We had so much interest from fans during the exhibition," she said. "At the time of the exhibition we weren't selling any of those things. But people really wanted to be able to purchase them. So we thought we'd do an auction and make it open to the public rather than price it."

The painting was expected to spark a lot of interest, perhaps for the rather unsavoury reason that Winehouse is no longer with us. "The Ladylike painting was never intended to be sold through the exhibition," the spokeswoman said. "It was never intended for auction. It doesn't actually belong to Peter, it's being sold by a private seller."

Doherty had previously mentioned that Winehouse had called her father while they were making the painting, and that, understandably, he had not approved of the idea.

The auction also included some of Doherty’s personal possessions, including diaries, guitars and clothes. One of the singer’s jackets fetched £1,000.

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