Amy Winehouse booed in Belgrade

Amy Winehouse was heckled and booed by fans in the Serbian capital of Belgrade last night after she arrived on stage seemingly too wasted to sing properly.The London-born chanteuse is reported to have mumbled her way through much of the concert before throwing her microphone on the ground and walking off stage at one point.

The 20,000 people in the crowd appeared none too impressed with the singer's antics, especially considering that they had paid £40 for tickets, and began to voice their discontent.

According to the NME hotel staff along the route of Winehouse’s 12-date European tour have been instructed to remove all alcohol from the singer’s mini-bar.

However, it appears that someone may have missed that last bottle of Babysham at the back of the fridge.

News of Winehouse’s alleged drunken gig comes just one-week after her very sober comeback concert at London’s 100 club following a stint at The Priory.

The European tour continues in Turkey on Monday before Winehouse performs a number of festival dates in Greece, Spain and Italy. Lock up your booze!

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