Amy Winehouse foundation to be delayed

Mitch Winehouse has revealed that the setting up of a foundation in the honour of Amy Winehouse has been delayed after he discovered that someone else had registered the rights to 'The Amy Winehouse Foundation'. It never rains but it pours for that poor family, eh?

Winehouse had announced that he wanted the foundation to help addicts get off drugs, and provide support for those who couldn't afford expensive rehab clinics. But despite receiving donations the foundation will have to wait, either until they buy the name or think of another one.

'Somebody else pinched it (the name) off of us before we could get it registered,' said Winehouse senior. 'All these donations which are coming in - we don't know what to do with them at the moment.

'The plan is to help all children - not just rehabilitation, not just substance abuse. It's to help all children in need. If you cannot afford a private rehabilitation clinic, there is a two-year waiting list for help.'

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