Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, take 3

A UK rapper called Lethal Bizzle has let slip some very interesting news about Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson; namely that they've patched up their differences and the world's number one nob twiddler is set to produce Amy's third album.

"I was talking to Mark about Amy. He thinks she's getting better and they are working together and will start recording soon. Everything he does is awesome. "I think he's brilliant and was excited when he wanted to work on my album. Me and Amy go way back too. We did gigs when I was in a band called More Fire Crew. She was proper cool. I reckon it will be another great album" said Bizzle.

You may remember that Amy and Mark fell out after she failed to turn up to record the Bond soundtrack. They also fell out over Wino's drug use, which saw many of her live performances in 2008 marred by drunken slurring and the forgetting of lyrics. So it's great news that she's back on track and that Ronson is at the helm. Their 2008 remix of Valerie was probably the defining tune of 2008. We can't wait to hear what they come up with next......

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