Amy Winehouse poster controversy

The youth wing of a Swiss political party have come under heavy criticism after they produced an poster discouraging the relaxation of drug laws which featured the image of Amy Winehouse.

The Young SVP (Swiss People's Party), which is the training ground for many of the SVP's future leaders, produced a poster, which as yet is only kicking around online, which bares the slogan 'No – to the decriminalisation of drugs'. Unsurprisingly the singer's fans aren't very happy about it, but the party, which is not ashamed of using racist rhetoric to get its point across, and led a campaign to ban the building of Minarets in the country, are unrepentant.

'The death of Amy Winehouse put a sad reality before our eyes that other parties often forget - the harmful effects of drug consumption,' said Grégory Logean, president of Young SVP Unterwallis. 'It is not our methods which are shocking – it is reality.

'We are displaying a photo that the whole world already knows. Winehouse was known not only for her songs, but above all for her drug excesses.'

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