Amy Winehouse statue for Roundhouse

Plans are being laid to commemorate the singer Amy Winehouse with a statue. The life-size bronze memorial could be on display at the Roundhouse, the major music venue in the Camden district of North London, where Winehouse was a regular gig-goer, performer and socialite.

Winehouse died in July 2011 after much-publicised problems with drugs and alcohol. Her importance to the Camden music scene would be recognised by the tribute. A Roundhouse spokesman said, "We think it's important that Amy's contribution to music is recognised in Camden, but the idea is in its early stages of development at the moment."

Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse has some very clear ideas about the kind of statue he envisages, as he told the Camden New Journal: "It will be bronze, life-size and on the first-floor balcony next to the Roundhouse bar. What we'd like to have is Amy leaning over the balcony and looking, and perhaps pointing, towards Camden Town from Chalk Farm Road."

The Winehouse family recently put Amy’s Camden villa up for sale, at an asking price of £2.7 million. There had been suggestions that the house would be the headquarters of the Winehouse charitable foundation, but the family decided to sell.

"Amy loved that house but none of the family felt it appropriate that they should live in it," a family spokesperson told The Sun. "It was not practical to keep it empty while paying for its upkeep. It is a wonderful place and will be a happy family home for someone."

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