Amy Winehouse's phone hacked

Amy Winehouse was one of many people to have their phone hacked by sleazy tabloid scum, according to investigative journalist Charles Lavery.

He claims that Winehouse's parents, her brother Alex and ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil had their phones, and that journos used phone hacking to find out when she would be in rehab so they could be there to take pictures when she arrived and left. Nice, eh?

'The press knew where she would be, who would be there, what time, at any given time,' a source told Lavery. 'They were able to be there too, to befriend her and actively encourage her, as if they had arrived by chance. That made better copy and, more importantly, better photos for the snappers both inside and waiting outside.

Not that she needed any encouragement, but it was there if she wanted it. Take a look at the acres of coverage of her getting out of taxicabs and walking into rehab. Or walking out of rehab into cabs.

'How did that happen? Or the details of her time in rehab, her private life. A lot of the time some people close to her sold the info, but her data was accessed on a routine, wholesale basis. And not just by one newspaper group, by most of them. A lot of showbiz journalists started covering tracks with the news of her death.'

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