Amy's taking a Libertine

Giving her boyfriend, supposed bad egg and all-round press magnet Reg Traviss, the night off, Amy Winehouse decided to drop in on a concert being held by one of her bezzies, Pete Doherty, with his newly reformed group, the Libertines.

Performing at an exclusive gig that fans could only get tickets for via an internet ballot, the band played a number of classic hits in the second night in a row of the private concerts held at the HMV Forum, the Metro Online reveals.

The band recently signed a '£1.2million deal to reform since splitting back in 2004' when Doherty and frontman Carl Barat had a massive falling out. The band is due to play at the Leeds Festival on Friday and at the Reading Festival on Saturday.

Taking position on a balcony, Winehouse watched the band play accompanied by an unknown male friend, who amused onlookers at one point by giving someone the birdie.

Amy exited the gig before it finished but returned to 'whisk Doherty and singer Carl Barat away to the Malmaison Hotel in east London where they partied until 3am.'

You know it's going to be a wild after-party when Amy's at your gig.

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