An explanation

If you’ve been on the tube or near a bust stop in the last week you would have done a double-take at a man, half-naked, taking a photo of you. The man in question is Carl Barat, and that half-naked and frankly ridiculous pose is the front cover to his self-titled debut album.

No one can doubt that the artwork has done its job with standing out in the crowd but finally Barat himself has revealed the true reason’s for that cheesy stance. Talking to the NME the half-a-Libertine said; ‘the artwork's basically just photographic. The front cover is basically me just taking a photograph in the mirror. Just because it's a self-titled professional album and I'm just kind of naked and it just shows me how it is.’

Adding; ‘I didn't want to be clever about it. I thought the mirror thing's quite clever, but I've been told that's been done a lot.’

Watch the video here.

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