And the most influential person of 2010 is...

You can’t doubt that the last 12 months have been a whirlwind for alleged hermaphrodite Lady Gaga. Not only has she secured world domination including love from her native yanks and her British cousins she’s already weaved herself into the fabric of pop culture and musical history - and all before she’s 25 years old.

Time magazine have released their list of the top 100 most influential figures alive today and none other than Lady Gaga has topped the list. Talking about the queen of power, her predecessor Ms Cyndi Lauper praised her sensibilities: ‘when I see someone like GaGa, I sit back in admiration... She isn't a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art.’

Also fairing well in the top 100 were figure skater Kim Yu-Na at No.2, Jeff Bridges at No.3 and Hilary Clinton at No.4. Here's the top 10...

1 Lady Gaga
2 Kim Yu-Na
3 Jeff Bridges
4 Hillary Clinton
5 Nicolas Sarkozy
6 James Cameron
7 Muammar Gaddafi
8 Sandra Bullock
9 Sarah Palin
10 Lindsey Vonn

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