And the most played artist of the decade is...

Short on cash? Need to borrow a tenner? Then we suggest you befriend mega poster Madonna. Easier said than done of course as she doesn’t appear to be on Facebook or Twitter sadly but if you did we’re sure she’d be able to bung a couple of pounds your way after it was announced that Madge was the most played artist of the last decade in the UK.

According to music licensing body PPL, ever changing pop star was played on more radio stations, TV channels, in more pubs and clubs than any other artists in the whole of the noughties. A little known skiffle group by the name of The Beatles came in seconds and Robbie Williams was third.

The top 10 are: 1. Madonna 2. The Beatles 3. Robbie Williams 4. Queen 5. Take That 6. Sugababes 7. Elton John 8. Elvis Presley 9. Abba 10. Coldplay.

As part of the Easter Weekend Radio 2 ironically counted down to the most played artists - clearly we hadn’t heard them enough.

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