And the most promiscuous fans are?

If you’re off to Glastonbury Festival and hoping to get a spot of 'in the tent action' then you’ll need to be hanging around the Pyramid stage on Friday at 1500. For that’s the time when hip hoppers Wu Tang Clan will be taking to the stage.

According to dating website Tastebuds.fm, Wu Tang Clan fans are most likely to put out over the Glasto weekend. The online site asked a series of daters about their sex life and who their favourite band was, then worked out that The Clan come out on top, so to speak.

Also fairing well in the piffle poll was BB King (Friday, Pyramid Stage 1630), The Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, Tame Impala, Queens Of The Stone Age, TV On The Radio, Biffy Clyro, Plan B and U2. The downside is Wu Tang Clan have the biggest amount of male fans, sorry lads.

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