And the oldest male musician to have a UK number one album is?????

If you hadn’t noticed - i.e you don’t have a TV or a radio, Sir Tom Jones has a brand new album out and by all accounts it’s a little gem. ‘Praise & Blame’ sees the Welsh shouter do a ‘Johnny Cash’ and release a string of stripped-back songs.

The album was released this week and according to the midweek charts it's well on course to give our Tom the number one album come Sunday’s final countdown. If this is the case it will give 70 year old Tom the accolade of being the oldest male musician to have a UK number one album. A woo and a hoo!

What’s also impressive is that Tom Jones is celebrating a mega 60 years in da biz this year. Talking about his chart triumphant Tom said: ‘I couldn’t be more proud of this album and I’m really blown away by the response from everyone. It’s great to be top of the charts with Eminem, maybe next time we could be top together.’

Happy birthday Tom.

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