And the world’s biggest earning band of 2010 IS....

Want to know who the world’s biggest earning band of 2010 is? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway, it was U2 – who raked in a mega £84.9 million in just 12 months. No, don’t worry, the irony of their anti-capitalist ethos isn’t lost on us either....

The annual Forbes list, which is predominately made-up of Americans, has AC/DC at number 2 with £74.5m and Beyonce in third spot with £56.8m. Her hubby Jay-Z is in 6th position with £41.1m - let's just say that they won’t be worrying about the gas bill this winter....

Experts expected this year’s list to be heavily affected by the global recession, but the figures have shown quite the opposite leaving them a little baffled (of course this has nothing to do with U2 and the likes charging £75+ for tickets).

If you haven't already started crying in a LIFE ISN’T FAIR rage, then you will after glancing through the top 10...

1. U2 (£84.9m)
2. AC/DC (£74.5m)
3. Beyonce Knowles (£56.8m)
4. Bruce Springsteen (£45.7m)
5. Britney Spears (£41.8m)
6. Jay-Z (£41.1m)
7. Lady Gaga (£40.5m)
8. Madonna (£37.9m)
9. Kenny Chesney (£32.6m)
= 10. Black Eyed Peas (£31.3m)
= 10. Coldplay (£31.3m)

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