And they were all yellow

There’s only one litmus test that proves that you’ve truly made it in showbusiness and no, it’s not an invite to appear on Loose Women. It's being characterised in Matt Greoning’s iconic dysfunctional family The Simpsons. The Rolling Stones have done it, Paul McCartney’s done it, Ricky Gervais wrote an episode and now even Coldplay can add a guesting on the show to their CV.

The episode, which is titled Million Dollar Maybe is part of a series of Simpsons specials to mark their 20th anniversary. It tells the tale of Homer booking Coldplay for a private gig after he wins the lottery.

Million Dollar Maybe aired in the US this week and will be screened in the UK in May. But if you can’t wait that long, watch (listen) to Chris Martin stumbling his way through some lines here.

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