Another celeb health scare

Poor Peter Doherty. He's kicked the drugs (possibly) and adopted a grown-up full-name solo career. But his old reputation - for booze-and-drug-addled no-shows at concerts - can't quite be shaken.

Possibly, it seems, with good reason. So might be concluding his fans in Nice, France, who were due to see the singer last night. As they arrived at the venue, they were told the singer had been taken ill and the show was to be rescheduled. Pete was reportedly taken to hospital, but there's no word as yet on what ails him (it could be tonsillitis, we suppose). There's also no word on whether Babyshambles, Pete's new/old/current band, will be appearing as scheduled at T in the Park on Sunday.

We don't know much, basically. Why do we even bother...? Turn to the NME if you'd like more non-details.

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