Another one bites the dust

Whether you thinking the means of artists to release their music is a good thing thanks to the internet or bad a thing due to the select few who file share it clear that the biggest casualty in the rise of the digital revolution is major record company EMI.

Having been the major player in breaking & homing artists since time began including The Beatles, Coldplay, Robbie Williams and millions in between news has broken that Queen have now quit the label. The glam rockers aren’t the only big players to opt out/not renew their contracts recently with Paul McCartney and Radiohead jumping ship in the last year.

A spokesman for Queen told The Times; ‘EMI just decided they couldn’t compete. It was too much to pay and they want to spend that money on developing new talent.’

The Terra Firma owned label was also recently in the news after they lost a lawsuit against Pink Floyd - who didn't want to allow people to download single tracks at a time.

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