Another Super-Group

Well, this sounds nothing short of intriguing...Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, The Coral guitarist Billy Ryder-Jones and Paloma Faith have teamed-up to release a special one-off single.

Titled ‘Desire’, the track has been commissioned by Converse and will be available to download from 5th April. Talking to the NME about the project Coxon said; ‘It’s like kinda tripped out voodoo sort of London town thing,’ adding, ‘I've always liked the idea of me actually writing songs and girls singing them, and I’d seen Paloma on TV and thought, 'Wow man, she's crackers!'. And I was always a fan of The Coral – I used to watch them live. Bill's a very good guitarist.’

Although one to always be conscious about his image Coxon admitted times have changed; ‘I did have to ask people when I first got involved in it, whether its kosha or it isn't... I mean, where I come from – 'indie land' 20 years ago – you didn't do stuff like that.’

All will be forgiven if it’s actually any good.

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