Anti-capitalist's U2 are biggest earning act in US

Whether you love, loathe or are indifferent about U2 one thing you can’t deny is their ability to make a LOT of money. Since their inception some 350 years ago the Irish rockers have played to over 200 billion people on planet earth. Every 1million+ sell out concert means a big wad of wonga for their golden lined pockets.

The Billboard Top 40 Money Makers list – whose acts made a LOT of money in the US – has been released. The Irish rockers top the bill with a whopping $109million (£71million) from touring, royalties and music sales in the last 12 months. Not bad eh?

Other musical acts with smiles on their smug faces all the way to the bank include Bruce Springsteen ($57.6million), Madonna ($47.2million), AC/DC ($43.6million), Britney Spears ($38.8million), Coldplay ($27.3million) and Michael Jackson ($17.3million) – who was even dead for half of 2009.

Bet you wished you stuck with those Grade 1 clarinet lessons now...

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