Anyone for a Humbug?

"Arctic Monkeys, by Joe old boy we think you've done it again!" - is what you might be saying if you were of the upper class, tea sipping, monocle wearing society. Hair has changed, attitude has changed, and all in all a much more grown up or 'experienced' vibe has fallen over these frosty chimps.

"Humbug" is the Monkey's third studio album, and, like the two before it, is nothing short of top class. First single'Crying Lightning' has the same dark sound that started to show in 'Favorite Worst Nightmare.' Phat ear drum pounding basslines, solid guitar progression, and as always more top form drumming from Matt Helders gave "Crying Lightning" its debut at number 12 in the Singles Chart and much deserved number 1 on the UK Top 40 Indie Chart. And with so many great songs to choose from - 'Potion Approaching,' 'Dangerous Animals' etc etc, the next single looks set to be another huge one.

The band have refined ideas from their previous albums to come up with a well and truly complete sound, devoid of the "best of times, blurst of times" writing syndrome which has struck down many a successful group. If you haven't heard "Humbug" yet, it's time to feed your ears....

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