Apathetic for the People

It must be hard being REM. Blessed with the rare combination of big sales and critical respect, all they have to do is release an album every 4-5 years and they're hailed as returning rock champions - despite the fact their last really good album was released well over a decade ago.

Still, at least they still do good live shows. Oh, what's this? They're not going to tour their new album. They must be tired from all the money and acclaim. Poor dears.

OK, in fairness, Collapse Into Now, due for release later this year, was always going to be a tricky one to take on the road. It features bucketloads of guest stars, including Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and, more promisingly, bonkers electro-artist Peaches. Recreating her sound with a random guest singer would have been pretty difficult, but we also doubt she'd enjoy the six-month world tour experience.

Still, this is a disappointment for REM fans. And Eddie Vedder fans, we suppose.

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