Arcade are on Fire!

Well, you know you’ve made the big time when you can convince a genius like Terry Gilliam to direct one of your online streamed gigs, and that’s exactly what Arcade Fire have managed to do. The Canadian group had previously announced that their Madison Square Gardens on August 5th will be streamed live on YouTube and have now confirmed that the Monty Python man will helm the camera work. Nice.

Gilliam’s director credits include ‘Twelve Monkeys’ and Brazil’ so an online streamed gig for him should be a doddle. Although details of what exactly who’ll do at this stage are unknown (our money is on him pointing the camera at the stage and should ACTION!) its expected that the show will be interactive for viewers at home – who will be able to send in photos that will be broadcast on the venues big screens.

Word of warning all UK peeps, you’ll have to wait until 3am to catch the live show. Damn you time zone!

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