Arctic Monkeys ‘Cornerstone’

Brit Awards, Mercury Music Prize Awards, sell-out tours, mega albums sales, model girlfriends; Arctic Monkeys have nailed the rock stardom part, but if you have a look at the video for their new single you’d be mistaken for thinking the Sheffield rugrats are struggling - either that or someone’s being a bit tight with the old purse strings.

Cornerstone’ is the second single from Arctic Monkey’s third album ‘Humbug’, and is the closest track to anything from their first two albums, mainly because it was the only track that wasn’t produced by Queens Of The Stoner Josh Homme and instead old time knob fiddler James Flood. It’s also the best song on the album. There’s nothing clever here, which is great, it’s clear cut verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle eight, chorus structure and the closest thing to fan favourite Mardy Bum.

There’s also nothing clever about the video. We’d love to have been in the storyboard meeting for this one...

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