Arctic Monkeys propelled to LA

The last Arctic Monkey's album didn't exactly set the world alight, but their record company bosses must still be pretty pleased with the Sheffield rockers - they've sent them to LA to record their new album, and have put them up in a £30k a month palace, where they'll have Jenifer Aniston and Larry Flynt as neighbours.

A source told The Sun, 'The pad is really amazing. After being in the studio all day it's the perfect place to come back to and relax and let their hair down. Locals are worried a rock band moving in nearby would ruin the peace and quiet they're used to so the lads have been told not to play their music too loud.'

In the meantime, Alex has been writing the music for a Ben Stiller produced film called, 'Submarine', described as an 'off-beat comedy' set in Wales.

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