Arctoc Monkeys to spark 'bun fight'

As if being one of the biggest bands to come from these shores for the last 10 years wasn't enough for the Arctic Monkeys, it looks like they're going to find their way into lots and lots of lovely money when their current record deal expires in the next few months.

That's at least acording to some source (AKA band member/agent) who spoke to The Sun, saying that major labels are going to be all over them once they end their contract with Domino Records. The band will be free to look for a deal elsewhere once they've finished ther promotional duties for current album Suck It And See, and will be courted by all the industry's big players. No doubt Domino are terrified at the thought of their cash cow leaving, but what can they do about it?

'The boys' four-album deal is nearly finished and their management are ready to meet labels who fancy picking them up,' said the source. 'Signing the Arctics would be a huge coup for anyone right now, because they are guaranteed to sell huge numbers.

'They have a great relationship with Domino because the founder Laurence Bell has always given them a lot of creative control. And they could re-sign with the firm but now Domino face competition from the major labels, who are keen to wade in. It could be a huge bun fight.'

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