Are you havin' a bath?

The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne has been pictured on Google Street View, doing what all rock stars do best; sitting in a bath tub on the green outside his house in Oklahoma City, next to a banner which reads ‘blob in the bath’. That’s like far out man, or something equally mystic sounding.

The world’s best front man (seriously, if you haven’t seen them live then you haven’t lived) was confirmed to be the man in the photo by fans on the band’s official forum, who have seen a decent amount of the man and his favourite incongruously-placed bathroom washing aid – pics of him and the bath have been repeatedly put up on the band’s MySpace page, and they even stuck up a mildly disturbing video of his kids discovering it at a Halloween party.

So who will be next for the Google Earth snapshot? Kate Moss on a drugs inspired rampage? David Cameron eating children and then burning wads of £50 notes in the street? Fingers crossed on that last one eh?

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