Army of fools

Record companies, never trust them: not only do they always want to take all your money and continue making a profit on the music you made, they can’t help but poke their noses in and tell you which tracks should be released as singles, often with disastrous consequences. A case in point is The White Stripes, who were told by both their British and American record labels that they wouldn’t be releasing ‘Seven Nation Army’ as a single.

The song, which was put out as a single on Jack White’s insistence, became their breakthrough hit, and became so popular that football fans started chanting it at matches. Clueless, the lot of them.

‘It's a compelling idea, thinking about singles. Nobody knows. Record labels don't know, artists don't really know most of the time. I can think back to when (2003 album) ‘Elephant’ came out, I wanted to put 'Seven Nation Army' out as a single.

‘The label in England and the label in America both didn't want to. They wanted to put ‘There's No Room For You Here’. Can you imagine not putting ‘Seven Nation Army’ out as a single?!’

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