Ashley Cole and Jay-Z team up for London nightclub venture

After being a pariah for much of the last few years, it appears that Ashley Cole's life is turning around: not only does it look like he's going to be getting back with his ex-wife Cheryl, he's also set to start a swanky new restaurant and club in London with hip-hop legend Jay-Z.

The new nightspots will be based on his American venture 40/40, of which there are a few dotted around the States. According to gossip mongers The Sun, Pall Mall is at the top of their list of locations. As if trying to cement his new 'good guy' image, the Chelsea star is also going to give much of its profits to charity and will apparently look to employ look-term unemployed young people to staff the venue. Awww.

'I'm delighted to be working with Jay-Z,' said Cole. 'I've grown up listening to his music so to be doing business with him is amazing The project will be delivering much-needed funds back into sport and music on a community level.'

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