'At Home' and Away

Basque-inspired, electro dance band Crystal Fighters are looking to make it big in 2011. The band are currently on tour in Europe and have just announced their March UK tour dates on their official website. What’s more their next single from their debut album ‘Star of Love’ will be the the insanely catchy 'At Home' (out on March 12th); the feel good, synth-fuelled tune is already gaining the band lots of new fans through radio play and as music-news.com predicts, ‘it's looking like this will be Crystal Fighters' biggest single to date!’

The group forged a name for themselves last year when their bass heavy electro singles ‘I Love London’ and ‘In the Summer’ were both heavily remixed and became hits throughout Europe’s clubs.

Despite the countless remixes the band doesn’t appear to need any outside help in securing their own reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative live acts of the moment. Their last.fm bio tells you all you need to know: 'We are Crystal Fighters. We make fast dance music with Basque instruments, synthesizers and our voices. We play new material at every show, come and see us live.'

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