Attention all festie goers!

If you’ve ever been to a music festival you will have seen the rows of stalls selling so-called legal highs that claim to be substitutes for Class A drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine and marijuana. Considering what they say on the tin, the legality of those little capsules has long since baffled people.

They've been a little slow on the uptake but the government are now clamping down on theses legal highs with the Minister for Crime Prevention James Brokenshire claiming that they’re dangerous: ‘During the festival season we know that people may be tempted to try potentially dangerous new drugs, particularly when they are advertised as 'legal' or 'herbal'. These substances may not be safe and could contain illegal drugs. We are going to change our drug laws so we can respond quickly to emerging substances by introducing a temporary ban while we seek full scientific advice.’

So remember kids, drugs are bad for you, but only if they’re the legal ones. Hang on! That’s not right......

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