Avril less than friendly to Mexican fans

Fans turned up in throngs in Mexico City on Tuesday to welcome pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne. Many had waited over 24 hours to meet their idol, but barely caught a glimpse of her.

The 700-strong crowd were instructed by security that there would be ‘no pictures, no shaking hands, and definitely don’t hug her or kiss her on the cheek’. Treatment was equally frosty for the press who, expecting an hour-long press conference, were ushered away after little more than a minute.

Avril is getting a name for her diva-like and quite frankly rude behaviour, having acted in a similar manner the night before at the Latin Music Awards. Although demanding behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary with stars, your professional diva like Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey always remembers that you save your sweetest smile and best behaviour for the fans. Avril, take note.

(Image: from Dor Ip’s Flickr stream)

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