The BBC is set to axe niche music stations 6 Music and Asian Network, as well as shut down half its website in an attempt to appease grumbling Tories who hate the license fee and everything public service broadcasting stands for, otherwise called a ‘major service overhaul’. The Times reports that Director General Mark Thompson will admit that the Beeb has become too big, whatever that means.

As well as scrapping two valuable music stations which have small but dedicated fan bases, the BBC will also be capping sports rights spending at 8.5% of the license fee, which currently adds up to about £300million. The plan is to save about £600million, which would then be directed towards producing ‘high-quality’ programming, while the money gained from shutting down 6 Music will go to commissioning documentary and comedy programmes for Radio 2.

The channel recently grew it’s audience to 695,000 but the report that aims to close the channel claims that only 20% of the population knows it exists. Which is the BBC’s fault, as it either hasn’t marketed it properly, or turned it into the sort of station that garners millions of listeners. Creating a marginal station and then axing it because it doesn’t get huge ratings is just plain stupid, Auntie.

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