Axl Rose is top dog

Considering his distinctly less-than-stellar recent career, Axl Rose can probably count himself lucky to have been voted the best frontman of all time, on a list that included Freddie Mercury and John Lennon

The Guns N' Roses singer took the top spot in a poll for Musicradar.com beating off stiff competition from Queen star Mercury, who could only land second place.

Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant came third, while Ronnie James Dio the former Black Sabbath legend who died earlier this year, claimed fourth spot. Mop top Lennon could only manage number five.

Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Sir Paul McCartney (The Beatles/Wings) made up the rest of the top 10. Interestingly enough, not one woman or non-white person made the top ten.

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