Axl 'unreasonable' Rose

In the world of rock and roll, petty infighting and rivalries among bandmates, other bands, or between bands and their record companies are the norm. This is partly to do with the ridiculous amount of alcohol and drug abuse that has become the norm. Every leather-jacketed wannabee thinks he can jack up and be in Motley Crue and consequently forget about acting like a normal human being. Still, rock and roll, eh?

A prime example of what a silly old rockstar some people become once their ego gets a bit of a stroke is Axl Rose, who has recently decided that any Guns N Roses merchandise with Slash’s face on it is to be banned from all their concerts, even telling fans that if they’re wearing t-shirts with his face on, that they should turn them inside out. He has also told bouncers at gigs to tell fans to leave any Slash-inspired top hats outside. Which is outstandingly small-minded....

Many fans have walked out of gigs (or at least away from the front door) in disgust at Rose’s childlike behaviour. But what does he care, they still paid their money, right?

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