Back for good

Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams have officially buried the hatchet they held for 15 years, and are set to release a brand new single together, which will no doubt go soaring straight to the charts and make the pair of them a huge sack of lovely money.

The track, called Shame, which was co-written by the pair and is set to feature on William’s new album ‘In And Out Of Consciousness - The Greatest Hits 1990 – 2010’, has more or less confirmed the worst-kept secret in popular music, that Robbie will soon be returning to Take That duties, for both recording and touring. Try not to go to wobbly at the knees, housewives.

‘It's incredible to listen to the album and realise that it's already been 20 years of making music and playing gigs,' said Robbie to The Sun. 'And the great thing about the album is that it's not only a celebration of my past but also a bridge to the future.

‘The fact that part of the future includes a name from my past makes it all the more poignant for me.’

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