Back for good

Happy news for all you pop fans; after months of rumour and conjecture, it does finally look as though the fat ex-dancer dancer from Take That will once again become the fat dancer from Take That, by rejoining Take That. Amazing, no?

According to The Sun, Robbie Williams will rejoin the band for an album and tour, and will be making a video in which he and Gary Barlow play characters based on Brokeback Mountain. Although fingers crossed it’s not too faithful a reconstruction, eh? The album will be coming out at Christmas for the maximum amount of cash return, while the stadium tour will kick off next summer.

Meanwhile the band are set to release the single Shame, which the formerly warring pair wrote together about Williams’ feelings for the band. Isn’t that sweet?

‘In the song there's a line about how he went into Toys R Us and saw the four Take That dolls in a box and realised he felt left out,’ said an insider to the tabloid. ‘Everything is in place now to formally announce Robbie's return to Take That for one year only. He will announce his comeback with a public statement. Then he'll release Shame with Gary.’

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