Back For Good?

That That fans, be prepared to be excited: your favourite band could be staying as a five-piece, with Robbie Williams staying with the group.

Williams was only ever supposed to record one album and do one money-spinning tour with the legendary boyband, but band leader Gary Barlow has revealed that they’re starting to write songs together for future albums, hinting that they might very well be staying together. You best be stocking up on knickers to throw at them.

‘We really want that and this is our dream come true,’ said Barlow. ‘At the beginning we all said it was going to last for one album, but we're starting to write again, so we don't know now.

‘We are a team - at the moment Take That is five people, but it feels more than that. There's a lot of people who have a relationship with us. At the beginning there was a fragility to the whole thing, but that has gone now.’

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