Back for good?

Since Robbie Williams walked out on Take That in 1995 the ‘will he/won’t he/blah blah blah’ chatter hasn't falterd for a second. Just as he's done with a bevy of celeb beauties, Robster has finally put the reunion rumours to bed and confirmed that he will be rejoining Take That (kind of). Jeez, it only took 14 years.

The self proclaimed entertainer is a guest on ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ this week and said that he’s recently been working on ‘bits and bobs’ with Take That and is looking forward to performing live with them soon. Woo Hoo!

When asked by Wossy if he’d ever work together with the guys again, Robster said; "We've got together, done bits and bobs. I can't say much, but yes, I hope so."

Also on the show, Williams talks candidly about his battle with booze, drugs and rehab, and his love for his broody (sorry girls and gays) girlfriend actress Ayda Field. He also performed two live songs - ‘You Know Me’ the 2nd single from new album ‘Reality Killed The Video Star’ and ladies' favourite ‘Feel’.

Friday Night with Jonathan Ross airs tomorrow at 10.35pm on BBC1.

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