Back Grape

Lots of things have been said about Shaun Ryder and most of them surround his heady days of pill popping at legendary nightspots like the Hacienda in Manchester. However, without doubt he is one of the finest musical lyricists the UK has ever spawned. (On the flipside of that he’s also one of the UK's worst singers.)

First rising to prominence with The Happy Mondays in the midst of the late 80s Madchester scene Ryder later went on to form spin-off (pretty much the same band minus a member or two) Black Grape in 1993. They released two albums, including their No.1 debut It’s Great When You’re Straight...Yeah. But as with almost everything Shaun Ryder touches, it all soon fell apart.

Well, some 13 years splitting things look like being on mend: Shaun has announced that Black Grape are reforming to play a one-off gig at London’s Coronet on April 1. No joke.

Shaun told the NME about their upcoming Get Loaded In The Dark show: 'it's great, it's interesting, it's part two. I've had a break and now I'm back to do it'.

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