Back in action

Dad rockers U2 have already had to postpone the start of their US tour and cancel their headline performance on the Friday night of this year’s Glastonbury due to Bono’s back injury, but at least they won’t have to find another frontman like Faces – the statesmen of rock has been released from hospital after suffering the nasty sounding ‘severe compression of the sciatic nerve’.

Bono was being treated in Munich by Bayern Munich’s club doctor Dr Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt, but is now starting a rehabilitation program and is looking to be fully recuperated within eight weeks.

‘Bono suffered severe compression of the sciatic nerve,’ said Dr Muller-Wohlfahrt. ‘On review of his MRI scan, I realised there was a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc, and that conservative treatment would not suffice. We are treating Bono as we would treat any of our athletes, and while the surgery has gone very well, the coming weeks are crucial for a return to full health.’

‘Our biggest and I believe best tour has been interrupted and we're all devastated,’ said U2 manager Paul McGuiness. ‘For a performer who lives to be on stage, this is more than a blow.’

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