Back on the streets

Mike Skinner reckons having a record deal is akin to being in prison.

In The Sun, the Streets frontman expressed his relief at no longer feeling confined by his deal with Vice/Atlantic Records having fulfilled the terms of the contract by releasing his latest, Computers And Blues.

‘It's like ending a long prison stretch,’ he explained. ‘I'm leaving in 11 weeks, when my contract ends. I'll be given my belongings and met at the gates by my criminal friends and we'll go out and re-offend within days.’

‘I'm not going to do The Streets anymore, I'm never going to be able to better this album. And that's a great feeling. There comes a time when you've had so much success, you've got so much money, there's so much madness, you tend to end up destroying yourself.’

Skinner is now looking forward to a return to the freedom of being an average joe independent artist. ‘I'm relieved I won't have to play that game anymore,’ he added.

‘I'm relieved to be outside of the traditional album cycle. I can do what I want now.’

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